The Malaysian Government has implement the eVisa programme and it is available for 1. China 2. India 3. Pakistan 4. Myanmar 5. Nepal 6. Sri Lanka 7. Bangladesh 8. Bhutan 9. Serbia and 10. Montenegro passport holders residing in the Oceanic UK, Europe and Eastern Block region starting from the 1st  of May 2017.

The eVisa programme was firstly introduced by the Malaysian Government to facilitate tourists from the People’s Republic of China travelling to Malaysia since January 2016. The implementation of the eVisa system is carried out in three phases starting with Chinese nationals residing in Mainland China, followed by the second phase that includes Chinese nationals residing outside Mainland China, and eventually with the final phase, which incorporates other countries such as India. More nationalities will be introduced in phases in 2017

The eVisa is a single entry visa applicable only for the purpose of travelling and tourism in Malaysia, with the maximum length of stay 30 days. The eVisa is only valid for three months from the date of approval and applicants must enter Malaysia before the visa ends. It is advisable that the eVisa is applied two weeks before the proposed travel date. Other type of visas will still need to be applied in person at any of the Malaysian Representative Offices in the host countries.

Starting from 9th December 2016 onwards, applicants who wishes to Visit Malaysia may self apply online using the eVISA facility provided via the only official website for Malaysian eVisa application, to apply and submit relevant documents. A processing fee will be incurred apart from the visa fee itself. Applicants will be alerted via email on their eVisa approval within 24 hours during working days. Applicants need to self-print the eVisa and bring it with them when travelling to Malaysia.





Who qualifies to apply for eVISA?

· People’s Republic of China nationals in UK,Europe and Russian countries
· Republic of India nationals in UK, Europe and Russian countries

Purpose of travel to Malaysia


Can stay up to

30 Days with no extension

Visa validity period

3 months (must enter Malaysia before visa ends or need to re-apply)

Entry & Exit Points in Malaysia

All gazetted entry points in Malaysia

Required documents for application

1. Recent Passport Photo
2. First page of passport
3. Return flight ticket/Itinerary
4. Accommodation proof
5. Proof of Valid Immigration Status
6. Bank statement within 3 Months
7. Supporting document e.g. a letter from employer,
    a letter from school/college/university.


· Payment must be made upon submission of eVISA application.

· The issuance of eVISA is subjected to the approval of Immigration Attaché Office in Immigration of Malaysia in London as the regional hub for UK,Europe and Russian Region.

· In the event of doubt or suspicious application, applicant may need to supply further documents or be called for an interview at the office or via skype.

· All information will be communicated via email. Therefore, please be alert on any incoming emails from

· Applicant needs to self print the approved eVISA and must be presented upon arrival at the entry points in Malaysia.

· Please be informed that apart from the eVISA printout, other documents may need to be presented at the entry points such as: