These documents are required for visa application:

  1. Visa Application Form (Form IMM.47)
  2. Original passport with validity more than 6 months + One (1) photocopy of passport (the page that contain your bio-data and photo)
  3. One current passport size photo.
  4. Proof of valid immigration status (e.g. Long term visa or residence permit)
  5. 3 months latest bank statements. The most recent month must show credit GBP 600+. Or, traveler’s cheque minimum GBP600+. Cash in hand is not acceptable.
  6. Proof of journey – flight itinerary to show arrival and departure date to/from Malaysia.
  7. Any extra evidence/document in order to support your application (e.g. Hotel reservation, valid visa to third country and etc)
  8. A) If you are employed; a letter from employer granting your holidays for a specific period.
    B) If you are self-employed; evidence of your business activities and financial standing (e.g. A letter from HM Revenue about your tax contributions, company registration and a letter from an accountant.
    C) If you are a student a letter from your school/college/university stating the course you are on, its start and finish dates.
    D) If you are unemployed/dependent; evidence of any family or social ties acting as a sponsor:
    – Identification proof (passport/identity Card
    – Evidence of relationship to you (marriage certificate or birth certificate.
    – Immigration status (permit)
  9. Payment of visa fee is £10.00 standard SINGLE ENTRY VISA (non-refundable) – and £ 20.00 or more for other type of Entry Visa
  10. VISA to STAY is varied from country to country. Please check on our VISA Requirement by Countries for further information.


Please bring sufficient documents as required. We have the right to ask for more supporting evidence or reject an application. It is the applicant responsibility to fulfil our visa requirement to be granted an entry visa into Malaysia.

We may ask an invitation letter from your sponsor. (Details as below)

What document should a sponsor provide to support a visitor’s visa application?

This page explains what documents you may need to supply to support a visa application. The documents we need will depend on the circumstances of the case.

  1. Please give full details of your address, contact number and explain your relationship with the applicant.
  2. The purpose of the visit and where the applicant will be staying during the visit.
  3. Sponsor’s Immigration status in Malaysia
    a. If you are Malaysian citizen, please provide a copy of your MyKad (front and back)
    b. If you are on a student pass, please provide a copy of your passport and the page that contain your valid pass (name of university/ college you are attending)
    c. If you are on employment, diplomatic or official pass, please provide proof on your employment such as a copy of your passport with valid pass or work ID/ payslips/ bank statements or letter from company.
  4. If you provide financial support or sponsoring the accommodation, please provide us;
    a. A Copy of bank statements/payslips for the last 3-6 months
    b. A Copy of confirmed and paid accommodation receipt.