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You can renew your passport early but the remaining balance of the months will be added to 5 years for example if your passport is still have 12 months or more validity left and you intend to renew it earlier, we have no problem in doing it so but bear in mind that the new passport validity will start from the day you coming to renew it and whatever the balance from your previous passport will be added up to maximum of 6 months. So if you have 12 months valid from your old passport we will only reimburse only 6 months on new passport and you will have a new passport that is valid 5 years and 6 months.

Even if you do not travel whilst you are abroad (living outside Malaysia) both passport and permit to stay must be valid. Under general travel rule (Geneva Convention) and airline policy all travellers must have more than 6 months validity on their passport. If the airline are not happy with either validity or condition of your passport they have the right to refuse you from boarding the aircraft.

Due to data protection regulation and security of the applicantion, Malaysian Government does not accept application by post/courier or any third party due to digital verification is required for the applicant to be present.

The applicant is required to have live image, digital thumb scan and manual thumb print at the counter in front of the officer.

We would like to remind all Malaysian citizen overseas to ensure that their passport is always valid and do not leave it expired over 6 months.

Make sure you have a valid permit to stay in the country where you reside and for those who live here illegally we will not renew your passport and we would like to recommend you to go home and apply a new passport in Malaysia. For those illegal resident (without valid permit) whose passport is still valid more than 6 months you can just fly home without applying for a travel document.

Once you are ready to go home for good please come to our office with your expired passport, flight ticket to go home and 2 photographs. We will process a Malaysian travel document for you to go home.

It is recommended that you come to apply for it within 2 weeks before you fly.

Passport Expired – Just Received Permit

You are welcome to renew your passport and please come to our office between 09.00 and 12.00 Noon (Monday – Friday) except public holidays.

Please bring your expired passport, Malaysian MyKAd and a valid residence permit. (It might be in a form of letter from UK Home Office or BRP card)

Passport Expired – Have Valid Permit

If your passport have expired more than 6 months and you do have a valid permit to stay in United Kingdom or any country you reside. You need to get a confirmation letter from the present country home office.

How and where to get the letter?

For those who live in United Kingdom they need to search on the internet for the information on N506L or NQ Form. You need to submit your personal details on the N506L form to UK home Office in order for them to issue you a letter to confirm than you have never apply British citizen. It may take 3 to 9 weeks for the reply from UK Home Office.

One you received the letter you are welcome to renew your passport and please come to our office between 09.00 and 12.00 Noon (Monday – Friday) except public holidays.

Please bring your expired passport, Malaysian MyKAd and a valid residence permit (It might be in a form of letter from UK Home Office or BRP card or s tamp on your old passport) and N506L letter from UK Home Office.

If you have any problem please contact;

Headquarters of the Immigration Department Malaysia
(Ministry of Home Affairs)

Level 1-7 (Podium) No 15, Persiaran Perdana, Precint 2, 62550 Putrajaya.

TEL : 03-8000 8000 [1MOCC] (09.00 – 17.00 Malaysia Time)


Error Message / Technical Problem

This online passport application is based in Putrajaya at Malaysian Immigration Head Quarters in Malaysia and Malaysian Immigration in London have no control or access on the handling of the operation. If it still failed after several times attempts you can still renew your passport by coming to our office at Malaysian High Commission (Immigration Department) 45 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QT between 9.00 am – 12 Noon.

Common Problem

This a common problem for online application;

Online application

  1. Only accept biometric passport version only (microchipped)
  2. Only accept biometric MYKad version only (microchipped)
  3. Does not accept any change of address, name or other details – it can only be done manually at the counter
  4. Does not accept application when the passport already expired
  5. Only accept application with the passport about to expire within 6 months

P.S: Other than those above there is possibility that the system is in maintenance or upgrade procedure

Printing Receipt Problem

The payment went through but no receipt is issued – Try refreshing the page and key in your passport and MyKad number.

If you can see your personal details means your application is successful.

System Froze

If the system no longer respond to inputs – it happen sometimes.

Restarting or refresh the page normally works. It’s normallymresume as usual after one or two attempts.

Make sure you make a note on the date you registered as this will assist us in tracking your application when you come to the counter.


Most frequent questions and answers related.

No. UK Refugee Travel Document does not eligible to apply for an eVisa. They must present and submit their application at the nearest Malaysian Embassy.

We advise you to apply for your visa at least 2 weeks prior your depature to Malaysia.